You Can Get Free Coffee by Wearing the Right Color, Says a Color Psychologist

We don’t know about you, but there are a few things we always get stressed out about, like shopping and not getting enough coffee. A color psychologist on TikTok is offering some helpful advice on how you can get your daily fix of coffee without actually having to pay for it. Isn’t that wonderful news for all coffee lovers?

Color and Coffee

We have all heard a lot of color theories that say the colors people choose to wear can reveal a lot about who they are and how they live. But have you ever heard that wearing the right color can help you get free coffee? Well, according to TikTok user Max Klymenko, you can save some coffee money with the right color. Max is known for posting videos that are meant to provoke thought in his viewers. In most of his videos, he stops people in the street and discusses different topics, such as when they would use the eye emoji and or the ranking of different jobs. Recently, he spoke about color theory and how our brains are programmed to see certain objects differently depending on the color they are.

The Meaning of Colors

In his video, Max talked about a few common colors and what they represent. According to him, baby blue means naive, and it can help you get a free coffee. When you want to appear in control of a situation, wear purple, as it means wealth. For teamwork, go for green, as it signifies trust. Since pink represents confidence, choose it for occasions when you are giving a presentation. Black is equal to suspicious, so it’s a big no for a date. This video went viral in no time and had everybody questioning their wardrobes. Somebody commented that his whole wardrobe is full of black while another was curious about the reason most doctors and nurses wear green scrubs.