New Lockers at KFC Locations in Japan for Contactless Ordering

KFC is getting innovative, and with the current pandemic, they’re also coming up with ways to make ordering food from KFC safer. The fast-food chain is popular worldwide, and the company made the decisions to roll out its new pick-up lockers at four different locations in Japan.

Fried chicken menu at KFC
New Lockers at KFC Locations in Japan for Contactless Ordering

Contactless Ordering at KFC

The idea for the lockers was to make it easy for people to order food from KFC online or through the KFC mobile app and pick it up on-site, all in a contactless manner. Customers can order and pay for their meals on their phones. Their orders will then be prepped and placed into lockers located at the checkout counters. To open the lockers, the customer will have to enter a specific code for their order, the door to the locker will open, and the customer will take their food.

The façade of a KFC store in Japan
New Lockers at KFC Locations in Japan for Contactless Ordering

This kind of contactless ordering can also be used by delivery services.

Other Companies Adopting Contactless Ordering

For KFC, the contactless ordering method isn’t new. Some KFC locations in Singapore have had a lower-tech alternative, which they added in April. At this time, KFC announced that the pick-up lockers will be installed at only four locations in Japan. These include two in Tokyo, one in Kanagawa, and one in Saitama.

Other online food ordering companies and even fast-food chains are adopting contactless ordering methods. These include minimum contact food pickup and no contact food deliveries. There are options for delivery personnel to leave the food at your doorstep so that you as a customer won’t have to make contact at all — everything is paid for online.

These methods are adopted to help minimize the spread of germs and bacteria, which is essential in times of a pandemic. KFC is getting ahead of the game and will likely install more lockers at other locations in the future.