Why Choose Paper Planners Over Digital Planners?

Are you someone who likes to keep things organized, with their schedule for the day neatly written somewhere? Well, with an evolution in technology, people no longer use sticky notes or paper planners. In order to keep things accessible all the time, they think noting down all these things in a mobile application is a better option. According to some studies, you might be wrong.

Writing Gets You in the Feel

Some of you might relate to it when we tell you that you already get the feeling of being organized when you write things down physically. In addition to that, when you use a pen and paper to plan your day, you get a better understanding of how much you need to do and how you are going to do it. A study done in 2021 stands as proof of the fact that people exhibit more memory and brain activity when writing things down. Additionally, the study states that handwriting your notes can save 25% of your time as compared to typing on phones or laptops.

A Planner That Suits Your Personality

There are people who make plans daily, while there are ones who like to set big goals for the entire month. The market understands that and this is why there is a huge range of planners available for your needs. You can go for a daily planner or a monthly planner, with both having different structures throughout to suit your needs. You can also find a weekly planner for yourself. You can find different sizes, styles, and formats for you to choose from.

Make the Right Decision

Ask yourself a couple of questions to find the right planner for you. Things like knowing whether you want your planner to go with you everywhere or sit at your desk can be of great help. Once you have answers to these questions, you will know exactly what you need to get for yourself.