This Sleep Tracker App Records Your Farts and No One Can Resist This Gem of Self-Awareness

We are all grown-ups here with mature sensibilities and an adult sense of humor. Right. With that said, we all appreciate a more refined joke than merely a video of someone bumping into a door frame or losing their balance on the ice, right? Yes indeed. Not when it comes to fart jokes, though.

Relatively Silent, Loud and Long, Irrevocable, and Sturdy…Farts are Hilarious

This is why fart machines and whoopee cushions are still around! Because they never are “not funny.” And now, thanks to the fast-evolving technology, we have a whole new way of appreciating flatulence.

Sleep Tracker App That Tracks Your Sleep

If you own a smartphone, you are probably familiar with these already. Some flagship smartphones even have them preinstalled. These apps use the microphone to track your sleep pattern, when you are turning, tossing, when you are snoring, and even when you are talking in your sleep. It also tracks when you get up to go to the bathroom or grab a glass of water, and it then uses this data to wake you up at the optimal time in your sleep cycle. However, one feature of the apps is that you can actually go back and listen to the recordings whenever noise was detected. Apparently, we don’t need to be worried about ghosts, but we can focus on one very interesting thing that you may or may not do in your sleep — a loud fart. That’s right, some apps record your farts. Many people are concerned about their own health; others listen to their farts and stop wondering why they are still single. 

The world’s longest fart is 59 seconds by Mr. Methane. Try recording yourself with the sleep tracker app that records noise, and you might find yourself being the next record-holder.