The Starlink Satellite Internet Service Is Now Available for Preorder

The beta invites for Elon Musk’s Starlink will soon be going to hopeful users. SpaceX has recently opened for pre-orders to people who are currently in its service area. Against a $99 refundable deposit, eligible users will be able to take advantage of SpaceX’s satellite internet. The pre-order allows people to reserve a spot in the line to get a Starlink kit. The kit is delivered by mail, costs $499, and includes a mountable dish antenna, power supply, and WiFi router.

In Time, Starlink Will Be Rolling Out Coverage for Different Areas

Starlink Satellites In Orbit
Starlink is planning to roll out coverage by late 2021, but the date will vary for people from different areas. Anyone who gets a kit will also receive a notice via email and should pay a one-time fee of $499 for the kit, plus shipping, handling, and applicable taxes. This deposit will be refundable and go toward the payment for the first month of service.

Apparently, eligible users will be getting their kit on a first-come, first-served basis. Depending on location, some orders could take around six months to fulfill, possibly more. Also, just making the deposit does not guarantee Starlink service but is reserving the buyer a spot in the line.

Starlink Will Have Some of the Same Constraints as Other Satellite Internet Services

The Starlink Starter Kit
Customers will have to get a clear line of sight from their terminal to the space satellites of Starlink. This means users who are in areas with tall trees or buildings may want to reconsider the early use of Starlink. Heavy rain, snow, or wind might also lead to slower internet speeds or outages. According to Starlink, these will all improve over time as more satellites are launched and more ground stations are installed.

The broadband capacity is currently very good and allows for speeds of more than 100 Mbps, but the more the subscriber base grows, the less bandwidth will be available to go around. That is unless SpaceX can keep launching enough satellites in orbit. Currently, Starlink has over a thousand satellites that are in low-Earth orbit.