A Pair of Air Jordan 1’s Sold for a Record-Breaking Price

For sneakerheads, a pair of game-worn Air Jordan 1’s that have also been autographed by Michael Jordan himself would seem valuable. However, after the docuseries, The Last Dance, aired by ESPN, which highlighted the MJ-era as he played for the Chicago Bulls, these shoes have become even more desirable.

A Pair of Air Jordan 1’s Sold for a Record-Breaking Price

Air Jordan 1’s Selling High

The night of May 17th, the same night that the last two episodes of the docuseries aired, Michael Jordan’s game-worn and autographed Air Jordan 1’s sold for $560,000. He wore them during his rookie season in 1984-1985, and they have now become the most expensive sneakers ever to be sold.

The sneakers ended up selling at a price that was three times more than what was expected. There was a burst of bidding, which made the price surface by $300,00 in just the last 20 minutes of the auction. The previous record holder of the most expensive sneakers was sold for $437,500 in 2019 for a pair of Nike Waffle Racing “Flat Moon Shoes” from 1972.

 Air Jordan 1's
A Pair of Air Jordan 1’s Sold for a Record-Breaking Price

The bidding war came from 4 different continents, but Sotheby’s, the auction holder, didn’t release the buyer’s name or the sneakers’ seller.

The Appeal for MJ Continues

This price point goes to show that Michael Jordan still has enormous appeal. The NBA star is one of the most legendary athletes and NBA players of all time. Aside from this, the auction also proves that sneaker collecting continues to be a growing market worldwide.

Nike has been making spin-off sneakers with the Air Jordan collection for years. However, in the docuseries, MJ confirmed that his rookie year in the NBA, at only 21 years of age, he wanted to sign an endorsement deal with a different brand — Adidas.

In the end, he went with Nike, and the rest is sneaker history.