Transplant Clinic in Turkey Thanks Prince Harry for 100% Rise in Business

Transplant Clinic in Turkey Thanks Prince Harry for 100% Rise in Business.

Prince Harry’s infamous memoir has become the fastest-selling non-fiction book in the UK since 1998, selling 467,183 copies in the first week following launch. And turns out it’s not only spurring people to gossip about the royals but also wanting to look like them! Many people now want to look like Prince Harry as he appears on the cover of his book, Spare. Described as the ‘Prince Harry effect,’ this new trend has witnessed the spectacular rise of beard transplants. Turkish clinic EsteNove’s business, especially, has seen massive growth as patients come in with a request for beard implants to look like the Prince.

The Drastic Rise

The Drastic Rise

Seeing him with a masculine and rugged look, the clinic’s clients who aspire for the same look are ready to pay over $3100 (£2,500) for it. Beard transplant requests have been increasing steadily as the news about the procedure has spread. However, the last few weeks have seen a drastic rise, reveals Batuhan Kizilcan, the co-founder of EsteNove. As their business has doubled, most of their clientele includes Brits as the charge by the clinic for the three- to five-hour-long procedure is significantly lower than in the UK. This demand has led to a ‘100 percent rise’ in their beard transplants that has, in turn, made the clinic EsteNove express their gratitude to the younger royal.

A Favorable Solution

A Favorable Solution

The procedure comes to the rescue of people who have gaps in their facial hair, which makes it look patchy. The technological solution presented a highly favorable method to the men facing issues with their beads growing naturally. This procedure gives full control to the recipient in terms of choosing ‘the beard cut, the shape, the density of the beard, and the style – and the style people currently want is Prince Harry’s. Currently, the younger brother of the Royal family is residing in the United States with his family.

Razer’s New Gaming Products: a Chair With a 60” OLED and a Smart Mask

Razer's Smart Mask

Razer has new concept devices at CES that never actually ship. Do you remember the laptop dock for the Razer Phone or the three-screen laptop? The renowned company admits these fantastical projects are design exercises, but people can easily find their influence on further projects. With that in mind, the company is back at CES 2021 with new concepts: Project Hazel, a smart mask built for the pandemic, and Project Brooklyn, which is the ultimate gamer chair with a retractable 60-inch OLED screen.

Razer: Project Hazel

Razer: Project Hazel It’s one of the most tech-infused masks out there. It looks like a face covering that only a cyborg ninja would wear. It consists of a transparent front view and, of course, RGB lights. It also has a built-in speaker and microphone that can amplify your voice. It can also protect you from the pesky virus, with active air ventilation that’s effective as an N95 medical mask.

The new mask by Razer relies on bacterial filtration efficiency pods that can trap 95 percent of the airborne particles. It uses rechargeable disc ventilators that can be sanitized with UV light from its charging box. Project Hazel looks like the perfect active masks as it vents out CO2 and brings in the fresh air. It also creates an airtight seal with adjustable straps. Those who wear glasses can benefit from this mask because it prevents the annoying breath fog issue.

Razer: Project Brooklyn

Razer: Project Brooklyn It will likely never see the light of the day. Building on its first gaming chair, Razer swung for the fences to design a seat that could solve the needs of every gamer. The wildest element of the project is its 60-inch curved OLED screen that folds into the seat’s back like a pair of wings. The enormous curved OLED may look cool, but it leans so far out into the fantastical that people can’t get too excited about it. LG made rolling OLED TV, but the thing costs $87,000, and this is without trying to hide it inside of a chair. The Brooklyn Project also features LED lighting, modular armrests, and haptic feedback throughout the frame of the chair.