Courteney Cox on Not Saving Her ’90s Wardrobe: “My Daughter Is So Mad”

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Actors are always in the spotlight throughout their careers. Making their living using their talent, they also have to pay special attention to their looks. This means having to switch things up when needed. This may depend on their personal needs or just the general trend that has taken the public by storm. In a recent interview, Courteney Cox has opened up about her beauty regimen that’s helped her immensely in keeping her skin in good condition. Her daughter, Coco Arquette, however, is not impressed and is consistently looking fondly back at Cox’s ’90s era style that’s currently making a comeback.

The Current ’90s Craze

When asked about the ’90s beauty trends and fashion patterns that are resurfacing and going viral with renewed vitality, Cox, having lived through the original wave, reveals that her 19-year-old daughter was quite cross at the Friends actor for not having saved all her clothing items from that particular era.

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Talking about the ’90s beauty and fashion, Cox said that her daughter got a bit too much into the plucking of eyebrows that was a craze back in the day. Well aware of the repercussions of plucking away too much, Cox was determined to save Coco’s “beautiful arched, thick eyebrows” and she was much relieved when, thankfully, the plucking ceased.

Maintaining Her Beauty

On the same grain, Cox revealed her secret to reviving her eyebrows as they used to be very thin. Having tried everything including brow elixir, Latisse, and microblading, the actress revealed that Latisse helped her the most. Currently, however, she microblades to save time, a motto she follows throughout her beauty regimen.

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Consistent with the time-saving mindset, her go-to for skincare is retinol. A brand partner herself, Cox named Dermalogica’s Dynamic Skin Retinol as the product she uses on the daily. Believing in a regenerative approach, Cox approves of the product, saying that it keeps her skin turning all the time and does not make it start peeling or irritated, forming her best version of a treatment.

Skin-Care Favorites

When asked about her makeup must-haves, Cox mentioned the Rare Beauty illuminator, Koh Gen Doh Liquid Foundation, Sephora concealer, Rare Beauty brush, Merit blush, Biolumin-C Vitamin C Serum, Lightsim Pro Panel, Jennifer Aniston’s Lola Vie, and L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara as her go-to products.

She elaborates that she microblades her eyebrows, wears Rare Beauty makeup, and uses a $6000 red-light panel daily, keeping with the current trends. Whatever she’s doing, it’s working as she looks great!