Demi Lovato Is Engaged to Jordan ‘Jutes’ Lutes

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Demi Lovato’s love story is one for the books. The singer-songwriter has said yes to a proposal from Jordan “Jutes” Lutes on December 17, 2023, sealing their romantic tale with a stunning pear-shaped diamond solitaire engagement ring, which was made by the prestigious NYC luxury jewelry boutique Material Good.

A Love Story

Their love story traces back to January 2022 when Lovato and Lutes co-wrote “Substance,” igniting sparks that blossomed into something more. Fast forward to August, and their romance was public, marked by their shared passion for music with tracks like “Happy Ending” and “City of Angels.”

Reddit // u/lilacteardrop

In July 2023, Demi was on The Morning Mash Up by Sirius XM, where she talked about how they became friends first and how he’s her best friend. She said that their friendship lasted several months before they confessed their feelings for each other. There’s nothing healthier than building a friendship with someone and getting to know them well before deciding to enter a relationship!

From Singing Partners to Life Partners

Their social media love notes have set hearts aflutter. In a birthday tribute in August, Lutes poured his heart out, calling Lovato the most beautiful and talented person, and jokingly said she was “weird af” but she always makes him laugh. He even called her the perfect person, saying he’d do whatever it takes to get smiles and laughs out of her. How sweet is that?

Lovato left a heartfelt response about how she had found her soulmate and he’d made her dreams come true. From singing partners to life partners, Lutes and Lovato have a beautiful love story. Lutes’ proposal was a personal and intimate affair, leaving Lovato overjoyed. The engagement solidified their magical connection—a culmination of friendship, shared creativity, and an unbreakable bond.