Eminem Wants Fans to Text Him After Releasing His Number

Eminem, the legendary rapper, released his very own cell phone number to his fans and encouraged them to text him. His whole initiative was to increase his audience and prepare them for his listening party for The Marshall Mathers LP.

Eminem live on stage
Eminem Wants Fans to Text Him After Releasing His Number

The rapper decided to host a listening party for his third and most recent studio album, which also celebrates his 20th anniversary. According to the information from his website, the fans can take part in a live chat where they can listen to the album on Spotify and ask the rapper questions.

The Story Behind Eminem’s Tweets

Back in 2000, Eminem had a fictitious fan, Stan, and now, the rapper tweeted a reply to him telling him to text him and he’ll get back to him. This was a similar tactic used by Post Malone as he was launching a social media service that would like fans with artists that they like and support, or “stan.”

Eminem’s track was inspired by the term “stan,” which is now often used to describe obsessive fans. The Oxford English Dictionary also added the terms and has the definition as an obsessive or overzealous fan, oftentimes of a celebrity.

Not the First Celebrity to Release Phone Number

Eminem Portrait
Eminem Wants Fans to Text Him After Releasing His Number

Eminem isn’t the first celebrity to release his personal phone number. In fact, it’s a stunt that many celebrities and artists do in order to interact in some way with their fans and even boost their audience. This is especially popular before their album or song releases, tours, and most recently due to the social distancing measures — which have people stuck at home wondering what to do.

The phone number is said to be Eminem’s personal one, but most responses are automated, which draws speculation as to whether that’s true or not. Many took to Twitter to show other fans the responses they got when they texted the rapper.

Extreme Weather Unleashes a Plague of Scorpions in Egyptian City

Extreme weather has brought about a terrifying phenomenon in an Egyptian city. In the wake of a major storm, the Aswan region of Egypt has recently witnessed a literal ‘plague of scorpions,’ leaving hundreds injured and 3 dead.

The Incident

According to the recent reports of Egyptian outlet Al-Ahram, torrential rainstorms and snowfall have ripped through the city of Aswan over the weekend. This extreme weather condition has unleashed a plague of scorpions over the city, by driving out swarms of scorpions from their hiding nests on the open roads and even in the houses. As a result, over 450 Aswan residents are reportedly hospitalized being stung, with three dead.

The Situation

Though the particular breed of the scorpions terrorizing the Aswan residents are still not officially identified, the general assumption is pointing out to the poisonous Egyptian fat-tailed scorpions. Their stings are widely considered as near-fatal. According to the BBC, the venom from a black fat-tailed scorpion can kill an adult within one hour. The stung victims are currently under treatment in a few local hospitals. The undersecretary for Aswan’s Health Ministry Ehab Hanafy assured that the government officials are keeping an eye out for the recent situation. Meanwhile, the locals are actively engaging in scorpion-hunting to save their own lives.

Upcoming Condition

Along with this fateful incident, the country of Egypt is currently undergoing even more storm-related fallouts. The roughly two-week-long heavy rainfalls and thunderstorms have left the major Egyptian hubs like Aswan and also Cairo, in a flooded and felled condition, with trees being uprooted and power lines being cut. According to an official ministry spokesperson, the highly destructive torrential rain was accompanied by a heavy storm with a speed of almost 100 km/hour. Unfortunately, such extreme weather is getting only more and more common due to global climate change, leaving the region of Egypt at a high risk of climate-related calamities.