Justin Bieber Is All Grown-Up

As you grow older, your conversations drift to more serious topics. Trips are mostly planned rather than spontaneous and prefer quieter places. You aim to sleep at a reasonable hour and you are no longer admonished for playing music too loud, in the wee hours of the night on account of a house party you hosted. You start dressing more consciously as well. Have you experienced this yet? Pop-star Justin Bieber sure seems to show signs of growing up.

Mature in Stripes

As opposed to his image a few years ago, Bieber now looks a lot different. The 27-year-old ‘Sorry’ star is married, his music is more mature and he dresses better too. He was recently spotted with Hailey Bieber, his wife, stepping out of a restaurant. The two of them were dressed in formals and looked elite. Justin Bieber looked poised in the striped ensemble by Celine. Whether he really has broader shoulders now or it is the suit’s doing is anyone’s guess.

A Welcoming Change

Not long ago, the singer was seen wearing his usual gear – chinos, hoodie, and sneakers. However, unlike the flashy colors he is usually seen wearing, the hues were neutral and sober, and minus the tiny beanie. It looks like the ‘Baby’ singer is all grown up. Only a couple of months ago, Justin Bieber was restaurant hopping in his usual checked shirts and baggy jeans. But this caterpillar seems to have turned into a butterfly-looking dapper in his suit. And no one is complaining. It is about time for him to move on from his streetwear.

A Break From Fashion

In the current climate, fashion has taken a backseat and from the looks of it, it seems to have gone away on a long vacation. So, Justin Bieber choosing comfortable clothes and colors is all of us. The contrast-colored attire has moved to the back of the closet. Loose-fitting and sober colors is what the world is also shifting towards. Right now, comfort is the new black.