MrBeast Responds to Elon Musk’s Request That He Use X

Instagram // @mrbeast

Celebrities are just like us, in that they’re subject to rejection too. That’s what happened to Elon Musk when he asked MrBeast to switch his platform from YouTube to X (formerly known as Twitter). While the content creator responded in a perfectly nice and polite way, the internet seems to think his answer to Musk’s request was “brutal.”

The Interaction

Technically, Elon Musk didn’t make the request – he agreed to it. When an X user asked MrBeast to upload on that platform too, the billionaire commented “Yeah.” To that, MrBeast responded, “My videos cost millions to make and even if they got a billion views on X it wouldn’t fund a fraction of it. I’m down though to test stuff once monetization is really cranking!”

The Comments

While it doesn’t sound like MrBeast meant to start anything with Elon Musk, people on the internet had their own ideas. One commented, “He told Elon ‘You can’t afford me lil bro’.” While another wrote, “Mr. Beast’s quashing of Elon’s hopes for growing video on this platform.” And a third believed that MrBeast was telling Musk to “make his platform better.”

Instagram // @mrbeast

It’s not really the YouTuber’s style to start fights, but it’ll be interesting to see whether or not he doubles down on the supposed diss.