Rebel Wilson’s Siblings Have Shocked the Internet

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Parents tend to name their children according to themes, or similar sounds, in order to make sure all the names go together nicely. So, it’s no surprise that Rebel Wilson’s family did the same. However, given that the actress’s real name is Melanie Elizabeth Wilson, and Rebel is what her mother called her, which she turned into a stage name, people weren’t exactly expecting what they got when they heard about the rest of the Wilson clan.

The Other Names

Rebel Wilson has three siblings – two sisters, Liberty and Annachi, and a brother called Ryot. The Australian explained, “My three siblings and I all have middle names after English royalty. Mine is Elizabeth, which is what I was known as at school.” She then added, “People ask if my parents are hippies, but they’re actually very conservative.”

A Family Tradition

Wilson says that she likes the way her and her siblings’ names sound together, and she also wants to name her own children unique names. The actress has a child with her finacée, Ramona Agruma, and named the baby Royce Lillian Elizabeth Wilson. She explained, “I wanted an original name starting with the letter ‘R’ so eventually landed on that one.” Rebel also revealed where the idea for her own name came from. Apparently, a woman named Rebel sang at her parents’ wedding and her mother fell in love with the name. In fact, that was Rebel’s legal name until she was six weeks old and her mom changed it due to pressure from other family members.

Instagram // @rebelwilson

We prefer ‘Rebel.’

Hugh Jackman’s Compassionate Outreach: Bringing Hope to Ashton’s School Journey

A Mother’s Plea for Inclusivity: Ashton’s Inspiring Journey to Middle School

A heartfelt plea from a mother captured the attention of not only her community but also Hollywood star Hugh Jackman. This heartwarming story revolves around Ashton, a young blind student on the cusp of entering middle school — and his mother, Hilda Dunford, who shared a powerful message of inclusion and empathy on social media.

A Mother’s Plea for Inclusivity

Hilda Dunford, Ashton’s mother, poured her heart out in a touching video that resonated with countless people. She opened up about how it had been hard for Ashton to fit in during his early years in school since he was considered different. Hilda confesses that she’s more nervous than Ashton and she makes a heartwarming plea for inclusivity and understanding the complexities that come with having disabilities. This heartfelt video really resonated with viewers, reminding everyone that basic human values begin at home. Hilda further emphasized the importance of parents having open and honest conversations with their children about disabilities.

A Resonating Message

The video showing Ashton walking around his school with a white cane, trying to familiarize himself with the surroundings, garnered major interest on social media. It reminds us of how important it is to recognize and understand the challenges that people with disabilities face.

A Resonating Message

Ashton’s story shows the strength and determination of many who overcome difficulties. It inspires us to be kinder, more aware, and more supportive of each other.

Hugh Jackman’s Compassionate Outreach

As if the outpour of support from internet users wasn’t enough, actor Hugh Jackman saw Ashton’s story.

Hugh Jackman’s Compassionate Outreach

Impressed by his bravery and his mother’s plea, the star demonstrated genuine kindness by reposting the video on his Instagram story and tagging the original poster — “…if you know how I can be in touch with Ashton, please DM me. I’d like to wish him an amazing new school year. Thanks for the help! HJ.”