Cillian Murphy Speaks Highly of Robert Downey Jr.’s Unpredictable Brilliance

Cillian Murphy and Robert Downey Jr. Star in Oppenheimer

Cillian Murphy recently shared his admiration for his co-star Robert Downey Jr. who he worked with in their upcoming movie Oppenheimer. The two actors spent almost two months on set alongside other cast members such as Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, and Florence Pugh. While Murphy and Downey Jr. didn’t get to socialize much off-set, Murphy couldn’t help but express his awe at the unpredictable brilliance of Downey Jr.’s acting.

An Electrifying Presence

While in conversation, Cillian Murphy elaborated on his approach to acting. He mentioned that when he’s working on a project, he becomes consumed by the role, leaving little time for socializing. However, he praised Robert Downey Jr.’s acting skills, describing him as an electrifying and brilliantly unpredictable actor. Their scenes together were often loose and improvisational, showcasing Downey Jr.’s remarkable engagement and presence. Robert Downey Jr. also spoke highly of Murphy’s commitment to his role, calling it a tremendous sacrifice. Downey Jr. recognized the monumental task Murphy undertook and the immense dedication required to portray such a complex character. Despite having downtime on weekends, Murphy chose to spend it mastering difficult lines in Dutch, reflecting his unwavering dedication to his craft.

Dedication Beyond Measure

Dedication Beyond Measure

During the filming of the Christopher Nolan movie, the cast formed a tight-knit bond while staying in the same hotel in the New Mexican desert. Emily Blunt likened the experience to a summer camp. However, Murphy’s dedication to his role as physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer was unparalleled, leading him to skip dinners and immerse himself entirely in his work. Florence Pugh, who played Murphy’s on-screen lover, also expressed her respect for his talent. She praised Murphy’s ability to embody his character in every possible way, from intonations to inflections, making him one of the greats in the industry. Pugh emphasized that working with Murphy was a truly impressive and extraordinary experience.