Season 3 of Ted Lasso Is Not So Far Now

The Apple TV+ hit Ted Lasso, is coming back for a third season, inducing a much-needed dose of positive attitude to the otherwise dreary landscape of TV. The show debuted in 2020, and the first two seasons have received many accolades from the audience. That’s why there’s no surprise that popular streamer Apple TV+, secured season three well before season two started airing.

The Story So Far

Season two of the series took a completely different tone than the first one. The story explores the complicated characters behind AFC Richmond, centering on Ted Lasso, played by Jason Sudeikis, who started addressing longstanding mental issues. In the second season, Richmond’s coaching staff got more spotlight, mainly Nate, portrayed by Nick Mohammed, who let his own issues spiral out of control. These dueling storylines resulted in an incredible finale, pitting the coaches against each other. With the third season of Ted Lasso looming on the horizon, the excitement to see how it will play out is high.

The Upcoming Third Season

Season three of the hit show was confirmed when the decision of renewing the series was made back in October 2020, after the show started to gain popularity. Now the production of season three is undergoing full steam, with a possible premiere date at the end of this year. As for the storyline, season three will see the return of the important character, Dr. Sharon Fieldstone, despite having one of the most heartfelt Ted Lasso goodbyes. Even the imminent departure of Trent Crimm was kind of a fake-out, as he will also return. Season three will also introduce a new recurring character named Jack, a charming venture capitalist. Anticipation is already mounting regarding Ted Lasso season three and for good reasons!

The Possibility of another Season

But, there’s a shocking fact that can break the hearts of the fans. According to the contract with the streaming channel, Ted Lasso was planned for three consecutive seasons, which means that season three is most likely going to be the series finale. The series star, Jason Sudeikis, previously told Entertainment Weekly that, the series was pitched with a three-season story arc. And the show is currently following that very storyline. But, the initial planning came before the show became a smashing hit and bagged multiple Emmys! And results like that tend to change things. So, is there a possibility of a season four? Maybe. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Mysterious Artifacts Discovered by Archeologists in Germany

It seems that the wonders buried beneath our surface will never run out. Recently, the mysterious skeleton of a headless horse was discovered buried alongside its rider. The remains were found in a medieval graveyard in the southern town of Knittlingen in Germany. Several other artifacts were also found buried along with the remains. The expedition was led by archeologist Folke Damminger of the Stuttgart Regional Council’s State Office for Monument Preservation. The cemetery was first uncovered by accident in 1920, during ongoing construction work.

The Era of Discovery

The expedition was led by archeologist Folke Damminger of the Stuttgart Regional Council’s State Office for Monument Preservation. The cemetery was first uncovered by accident in 1920, during ongoing construction work. According to the archeologists from the office, the remains date back some 1,400 years. During that time, the Merovingian dynasty ruled the area. They were a Frankish family who reigned from 450 – 751 AD and were responsible for uniting much of what is now France and Central Europe.

A Headless Horse, a Body, and Some Mysterious Artifacts

The horse and the man were found buried in one of the 110 graves the archeologists examined. The other graves included scenes of simple burial, while others had wooden coffins and some more elaborate timbered burial chambers. Weapons including arrowheads, lanes, shields, and swords were found buried alongside many men. Luxury items, like a gold brooch, were also found in some graves. Other artifacts uncovered included amulets, arm rings, belt hangers, earrings, pearl necklaces, and robe clasps, along with bronze bowls, combs, knives, and ceramic vessels that, analysis has indicated, once contained food for the dead. Not only this, but the site also has a handful of Neolithic ceramic fragments, dating back to 5000-4500 BC. Dr. Dramminger has stated that these artifacts were found as Knittlingen’s location is in an old, fertile settlement landscape, which explained the Stone Age findings. The remains and the other artifacts will be transported to Rastatt for analysis, while the team will continue to look for more such interesting finds.