Taylor Swift Gets a Nod of Support From Famously Camera-Shy Kylie Kelce

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Ever since Taylor Swift started dating NFL star Travis Kelce she’s found herself surrounded by some new girlfriends. Among them is Kylie Kelce, the wife of Travis’s brother and fellow NFL player, Jason Kelce. Kylie recently voiced her support for the ‘Bad Blood’ singer amidst swirling rumors about Swift’s past relationship with Joe Alwyn.

Defending Against Gossip

In November, the internet stirred with a rumor posted by the celebrity gossip account Deux Moi, suggesting that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn had secretly tied the knot. Swift’s publicist, Tree Paine, stepped in, making a rare public statement to deny the story and criticize Deux Moi for causing unnecessary pain and trauma with their speculative posts. Amid this online chatter, Kylie Kelce made her presence felt by liking an Instagram post from Today reporting on the incident.

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Kylie Kelce’s move to publicly support Taylor Swift, even in a subtle manner, is noteworthy given her typical low profile. Among the new wave of “WAGs” (wives and girlfriends) in Swift’s circle, Kelce is one of the less visible members. Her action may be just a like on social media, but it speaks volumes, especially considering Kelce’s preference for steering clear of the limelight.

Camera-Shy Confessions

In a rare interview with Spectrum News in Kansas City, Kylie Kelce opened up about her inclination to avoid the spotlight. Despite being a communication major in college, she expressed a strong preference for being behind the scenes. Given this camera-shy nature, Kelce’s public acknowledgment of Swift’s situation adds an interesting layer to the dynamics within Swift’s newfound circle.

It seems as though Taylor Swift has finally found a circle of friends who actually care about her. Her new supportive network goes beyond the glitz and glamor of Hollywood to building genuine bonds. This kid is finally not on her own.