Will Ferrell Was Featured on “Hot Ones” and Did His Best

Will Ferrell is an American actor, comedian, and even producer who is known for his impressive impersonations, among his many other skills. He was recently on “Hot Ones” where he took on the task of eating multiple spicy chicken wings as he answered questions about his career and personal life.

Will Ferrell with a glass of water on Hot Ones
Will Ferrell Got Featured on “Hot Ones” and Did His Best

The Rules of “Hot Ones”

Sean Evans hosts the show, and there’s typically a celebrity who joins him in eating a platter of chicken wings. Those chicken wings get spicier and spicier as they move forward in the segment. While eating the wings, interviewer Sean Evans asks the celebrity various questions that they have to answer. Most stars, especially those who can’t take the heat of the wings, get distracted by the burning sensation in their mouths, which makes the show quite entertaining to watch.

Will Ferrell on Hot Wings

Downhill is a movie that was recently released, featuring Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who was supposed to also join Will on the show. However, she was feeling under the weather and was unable to.

Will has had a very active career that spans decades. He has been known since the 90’s when he became a legendary cast member of Saturday Night Live. During the interview with Evans, Will mentions that he likes to stay away from social media, which is why we don’t hear much from him on a daily basis.

There was a lot that viewers got to learn about Will Ferrell during his time on “Hot Ones,” like whether he preferred eating spaghetti with maple syrup or reindeer eyeballs. This was a reference to his movie Elf, which came out in theaters in 2003, but is still a hit during the Christmas holidays, even today. Will also gave a lot of insight into a bunch of his most iconic movies as he battled the heat of the spicy chicken wings.