Endangered Frogs See ‘Population Explosion’ After 422 Ponds Were Built in Switzerland

Over the years, we have seen different species become endangered and then extinct. Many theories have blamed humans and their never-ending wants as the main cause of it, and maybe that is true. To develop a safe habitat for ourselves, we have destroyed others’ safe places; be it the forests or water bodies, our growing needs have affected the whole ecosystem directly or indirectly. And one such frog species became the prey of such desires.

Growth of Endangered Frogs

After seeing the decline in the population of frogs in Switzerland, scientists launched a straightforward pond-building campaign. Even though the Aargau Canton in Switzerland has strict protection rules for its range of frog, newt, and toad species, researchers wanted to test if habitat restoration might boost the species’ steadily falling populations. A 20-year effort to construct 422 ponds across five regions of Aargau was initiated in 1999 in conjunction with the Aargau government, non-profits, volunteers, and landowners. The program proved to be successful, and the populations of every endangered species of frog in Switzerland exploded. The European tree frog, whose populations have doubled since 1999 and whose distribution has increased significantly, was one of the web-footed beneficiaries in particular.

Cause of Decline

According to the study’s principal author, Dr. Helen Moor, habitat loss is one of the key causes of this decline. Small ponds that naturally form along the margins of bends in slowly flowing rivers are necessary for the majority of frog species, but these habitats are quickly disappearing due to Switzerland’s dense road and rail network and intensively farmed terrain. Of the eight endangered species, 32% stabilized and 52% saw an increase in regional populations. Frogs have been known as a predatory species and require new ponds to move to. In human-dominated areas, scientists think that the straightforward practice of pond construction can be employed to aid in the restoration of amphibian populations.

Everything You Need to Know About Dune 2

After the box office blockbuster Dune took the world to a sandstorm, Dune 2 or Dune: Part Two will take the fans back to Arrakis to tell the rest of the story. The sequel was confirmed by the production house, Legendary Entertainment, shortly after the first installment’s huge success. After the cliffhanger ending of the first part, the fans are eagerly waiting for the sequel to hit the theaters at the earliest. In the meanwhile, here is everything that is known about the hit movie’s sequel which is based on Frank Herbert’s eponymous novel.

The Filming and Release

There is an official release date for Dune 2, October 20, 2023. Unlike the first one, which hit US theaters and was released on HBO Max simultaneously, the second segment is expected to have an exclusive theatrical release ahead of joining the streaming platform. As per the hint given by producer Mary Parent, the shooting of the sequel is about to start on July 18 this year, giving director Denis Villeneuve plenty of time to hit the release deadline.

Reprising Casts

Though the full cast of Dune 2 is yet to be confirmed officially, we know that Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya will undoubtedly be back to play the lead roles of Paul Atreides and Chani respectively. Zendaya’s Chani will have a bigger role to play this time, as she finally met Paul at the end of the first part. Other cast members, who will reprise their roles, will include Javier Bardem as Stilgar, Rebecca Ferguson as Lady Jessica, Dave Bautista as the Baron’s nephew Glossu Rabban, and Stellan Skarsgård as the villainous Baron Harkonnen. Like Zendaya, Bardem is also set to have a larger role in the sequel, as per Villeneuve’s pitch to him. Actors Oscar Isaac, Babs Olusanmokun, and Jason Momoa will not be coming back in the second film as we bid adieu to their characters during the first segment.

Surprise Elements

Book readers know that there’s potential for Momoa’s character Duncan Idaho to come back later in the series, so maybe Villeneuve will find a way for the actor to return in Dune 2. The fates of Stephen McKinley Henderson’s Thufir Hawat and Josh Brolin’s Gurney Halleck were left in uncertainty during the first movie. Again, readers know what’s waiting for them, but for the non-readers, no spoilers! Fans will also be meeting some new faces, namely the characters of Feyd-Rautha, the Baron’s other nephew, and the Emperor himself.