A Girl Who Won the Battle With Cancer Received a Robotic Pet Dragon

The Make-a-Wish Foundation fulfills many extraordinary requests, but the wish they granted this time involved a dragon. It actually also involved a virtual reality trip to a medieval castle for Belle Cress – a teenage girl who just won her battle with cancer. In this virtual castle, Belle was able to train her own dragon.

Cancer Survivor Belle Cress Named Her Dragon Pet Dusk

Belle Cress and her robotic pet dragon Dusk.
A Girl Who Won the Battle With Cancer Received a Robotic Pet Dragon

At first, Cress was taken on a virtual reality meeting thanks to a video created by emergeStudios. It transported Belle to a fantastical place where she first saw her dragon. Once she removed the VR headset, Belle was surprised to see that the dragon she had just named Dusk was there by her side. The tour and surprise reveal of the robotic pet dragon took place in the Cherokee Ranch & Castle complex in Colorado. It is a modern construction that uses 15th-century castle building techniques.

Belle Cress was utterly delighted when she was allowed to take the dragon home with her. Apparently, the robotic pet was designed specifically to respond to her face, voice, and touch. Make-a-Wish Denver joined forces with Arrow Electronics to create the amazing robotic dragon. Belle described her excitement during the virtual and real meeting with her new pet and shared that she has loved dragons since she could remember.

The Robotic Dragon Is a Marvel of Robotics and Engineering

Dusk responds to the touch and face of Belle
A Girl Who Won the Battle With Cancer Received a Robotic Pet Dragon

Consisting of 26 motors, several computer boards, and many individually-printed 3-D scales, the robotic dragon pet is a true marvel of modern engineering and robotics. Dusk responds to Belle in many ways, having the ability to see and recognize her face, respond differently to touch, and express itself freely with specific dragon-like movements, including the stretching of its marvelous wings.

Victoria Pea, the project manager at Arrow said in an interview that they gladly built this robotic dragon for just one kid. The entire team wanted Belle to be happy, even if it took making a robotic dragon.