Top Horror Movie Podcasts to Satisfy the Taste of Terror

Goosebumps and jump-scares are not everything a horror movie can give. The horror-geeks are quite devotional and passionate to share their knowledge on serial killers, demons, aliens, monsters, or zombies. There are a number of horror movie podcasts to make every horror fan feel right at home. Run by some of the most intelligent film experts, these podcasts never fail to satisfy your individual taste of terror!

Every Horror Movie on Netflix

Though the title sounds blunt, this podcast actually gives you everything Netflix wants to provide with its horror genre. Amiable co-hosts Chris, Patrick, and Steven bravely sit through every horror movie on the streaming platform to report back their findings. Along with cult films like Poltergeist, Red Dragon, or Crimson Peak, they remarkably cover the hidden gems like the Emirati horror Grandmother’s Farm, Australian zombie film Cargo, moody thriller The Block Island Sound, psychiatric chiller Clinical, and many more.

Colors of the Dark

Fangoria Magazine has been at the forefront of horror movie coverage since 1979. So, it’s quite natural that some of the best content in the web-audio genre would be featured in their official podcast network. Their most recent show Colors of the Dark is co-hosted by award-winning filmmaker Elric Kane and erudite media scholar Dr. Rebekah McKendry. This seasoned pair of broadcasters discuss nearly every new release of horrors, with their encyclopedic knowledge of the genre. If you are looking for specific sub-categories like folk horror, icy snowbound horror, or simply vacations gone wrong, you will find them here too!

Development Hell

This fascinating podcast of the Dread Podcast Network has an interesting premise. Rather than discussing a repeatedly seen well-known horror film, this podcast focuses on the one, which never actually made it so far! Giving an intriguing peek at an alternate history of the horror genre, host Josh Korngut spends each episode highlighting a horror or scary movie, which has been abandoned or canceled. Have you ever heard about canceled Hellraiser reboots, abandoned Jaws sequels, scraped version of Disney’s The Haunted Mansion, or ill-fated attempt for a creepy Alice in Wonderland adaptation? Get all the tantalizing details here!

Paleontologists Unearth Old Unique Jurassic World Specimen

Paleontologists all around the world got startled by a recent discovery of a unique specimen of the club-tailed dinosaur. The discovery was taken place in southern Chile, where an entirely unprecedented sample of ankylosaur was found during excavation.

The Dinosaur Specimen

Ankylosaur group of dinosaurs are famous for their scaly armored skin, and a hard, hammer-like lump of bone on the end of the tails. The recent discovery in Patagonia revealed a new cousin of the group, sporting a few additional unique features and modifications of the tail bones. On the end of its tail, there’s a flat section of bone, shaped like a cricket bat. This section is further surrounded by seven protruding frond-like blades. The fine sediments of a river in Patagonia had exquisitely preserved almost 80% of the skeleton of this specimen.

The Similarities

Along with this totally unique weaponry, the skeleton of the animal also revealed the cranial characteristics of a classic ankylosaur. But the leg and pelvic structures are much more similar of a stegosaur, another dinosaur group different from the ankylosaur. Assuming the new lineage of this specimen, the scientists are now identifying it as separate from both groups, who likely inhabited the southern Gondwana supercontinent around 72 million years ago.

The Groups

In the world of paleontology, two closely related dinosaur groups are very common- ‘Ankylosaurus’ and ‘Stegosaurus’. While stegosaurus sported specifically large spikes, ankylosaurs came with club-swinging tails. During the time of both of these creatures, theropods like T-Rex reigned the higher strata of the food chain, presenting a ferocious predatory danger. So these creatures developed unique body weapons to defend themselves. The newly discovered fossil was confusingly named ‘Stegourus’ or ‘Stegourus elengassen.’ Despite the close-sound naming, the new group looks more similar to the ankylosaurus by its evolved tail features, than the stegosaurus.