KFC’s Fried Chicken and Donut Sandwich Is Coming to a Chain Near You

Even though the general perception is that fast-food restaurants have thought of everything, KFC decided to introduce what must be the most unhealthy sandwich of all time. Kentucky Fried Chicken is known for selling chicken but seems to be endlessly attempting to improve on that classic. When simple fried chicken and bread just don’t cut it anymore, then they have a treat for you. It capitalized on a trend that replaces the bun with two delicious glazed donuts.

A Fried Chicken Donut Sandwich?

KFC’s Fried Chicken and Donut Sandwich Is Coming To A Chain Near You

That is the fried chicken donut sandwich, which is an item that went viral last year. At that time, the item was launched in a few selected areas, and for a limited period of time. Many people found the item quite confusing because two delicious items often do not improve each other. Chicken with donuts means you’re essentially getting lunch at the same time you get dessert. This can be the sandwich of your nightmares or dreams.

The New Donut-Chicken Sandwich Will Be Available Nationwide

Some people thought that KFC was using the sandwich to test how things go, and they might have been correct. Now the restaurant chain is launching the donut with chicken sandwich nationwide. How much are they going for? It was reported by people living near locations that sell the special sandwich goes for $6, but KFC’s website says prices may vary. However, it seems that hot donut can be added to a bucket of chicken for a single dollar everywhere.

KFC’s Fried Chicken and Donut Sandwich Is Coming To A Chain Near You

During the test period of this sandwich, some people felt let down by the fact that the area of distribution was relatively small. That left many chicken and donut lovers without the opportunity to get their sandwich.

After KFC announced that the infamous sandwich was going to be available nationwide, they called it a finger-licking good dish that’s filled with glaze and glory. This time around, the sandwich will be available through March 16 as long as it remains in stock.