5 Amazing Posts About Dogs From This Week That Need to Be Seen

These Wonderful Dogs Can Brighten Anyone’s Day

A constant source of entertainment and affection, there’s no wonder why dogs are considered man’s best friend. Luckily, the wonders of the internet have made it possible for humanity to share the amazing, funny, and heartwarming things their dogs do. Here are just five of the many dog posts from this week that are sure to make anyone smile!

Always There to Offer Support

Many pieces of research have said that dogs can sense our emotions, so it’s no wonder that they know when we’re upset. This good boy noticed that his human was going through a rough patch and offered a comforting paw. Knowing they have such a wonderful friend must have made this person’s day at least a bit better!

Puppy Reiki

Are dogs truly connected to another spiritual plane or is this little guy just enjoying the sunshine? Perhaps it’s a little bit of both! What we can say for sure is that his beautiful white fur and peaceful look definitely make this wholesome dog image awe-inspiring!

Who Says Dogs and Pigeons Can’t Be Friends?

This pet owner was delighted to see their cute little puppy becoming close friends with a pigeon. Unlikely friendships form every day and this is certainly a beautiful example of that. They both look very comfortable with each other and the pigeon seems to be trying to keep the puppy warm. That certainly tugs on all the right heartstrings! 

Doggy Fashion Is Always a Show-Stopper 

This amazing little guy is sporting an adorable onesie that steals the show! He certainly looks happy, confident, and warm. He even has his little ear up to hear all the compliments he knew would come his way. 

First Time Learning About Ice

Very excited to experience snow for the first time, this little guy couldn’t wait to run outside. But it turns out, nobody told him how slippery ice can get. We’re sure a bit of fumbling didn’t stop him from having a fun doggy snow-day.