The DC Universe Still Doesn’t Know How to do Justice to Its Villains

The rivalry between the DCEU and the MCU is legendary. But, there is no denying the fact that for the last few years, while MCU has consistently churned out box-office hits, DCEU has failed to do the same. It’s quite evident that the DCEU has been struggling to keep up with Marvel and has become relatively underwhelming as a franchise. One of the main causes behind this persistent issue with the DCEU is its poor treatment and handling of the villains in the narratives of the movies.

The Villain Problem

Despite a few blockbusters, one of the reasons behind the poor performance of DCEU is that it wastes its villains. The problem varies from movie to movie, but there’s always an almost similar way of handling the antagonists. With an absence of a distinct narrative arc, many major franchise villains fall flat, while many more are severely incapacitated or otherwise rendered powerless. This absence of a long-lasting villain has prevented the DCEU from presenting a genuine threat to the heroes that could leave a lasting impact on the audience. Secondly, most of these defeats in the movies have been far too easy, making the DCEU heroes relatively un-heroic at the end.

The Designing Problem

Designing of the villains is another key problem within the cinematic world of DCEU which has been present since the very beginning. This problem is largely due to the extensive and creative liberties taken with the characterizations and appearances of the villains, which creates a big difference from their origins i.e. the source material. This factor has left audiences and comic fans dismayed. The DCEU needs to start creating and slowly building up more complex, layered, and close-to-authentic antagonist characters, who actually prove to be a proper match for the heroes of the franchise, instead of coming up with yet another simple throwaway villain or a CGI-dominated one in the next movie.