25+ Hilarious Yard Signs That Will Make You Cry of Laughter

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Yard signs can be all different kinds of funny. Some yard signs can crack you up instantly whereas some signs give you a sneak peek about the personality of the owner. A lot of these signs have lines wittier than the entire episode of a stand-up comedy show. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some fascinating yard signs that put ‘fun’ in the word funny.

Everything Needs to Go

This is one hell of a smart wife. When she caught her husband cheating on her, she decided to take matters into her own hands instead of lamenting about her fate.

Reddit // u/LeeOCD

Flipping the narrative, she decided to sell all of her now-ex husband’s belongings. We hope the guy wasn’t one of the items on sale. He wouldn’t fetch a handsome price given his cheating history, we feel!

Don’t Bug Us!

We love a person whose life reads like an open book. They have no secrets to hide — nor do they have any skeletons lying somewhere in their closet that they need to Marie-Kondo.

Reddit // u/joylover2213

Like the person behind this yard sign — they seem to be brutally honest and in the know of what their needs and wants are. They are pretty open about their financial status too and seem to be aware of the political scene. We’d give them a brownie point for that.

Passing on the Gift of Health

Health is wealth — and this person seems to be aware of the importance of a healthy regime. They, in a way, represent the broken fitness resolutions that most of us love to make every New Year.

Reddit // u/LeeOCD

The words ‘fat’ and ‘lazy’ in the yard sign resonates with us on a deeply personal level. We kind of feel attacked! What about you?

The Truth Comes Out

Here’s another funny (and powerful) yard sign about a cheating husband. This, unlike the previous one, informs us about the situation with a bit of subtext. So, this husband in question was cheating on two women at the same time while his wife was busy nursing his ailing mother.

Reddit // u/idalien

The women, upon discovering the truth, joined forces and came up with this yard sign to make the entire neighborhood aware of this man and his poor decisions.