iOS 15’S New and Improved Focus Mode is Definitely Worth a Try

The age-old war on the internet about Apple v/s Android doesn’t seem likely to end any time soon. However, the latter always had an edge from its ultra-customizable Do Not Disturb mode. That edge softens now – as Apple rolls out its own “Focus” mode. iOS 15 and iPad 15 offer a distraction-limiting feature, and if you are an Apple user, then you should immediately get your hands on the feature.

Understanding the Focus Mode in iOS 15

Previously what was known as the Do Not Disturb mode has now turned into Focus mode. The Do Not Disturb feature is now just a small part of the mode. Here’s what Focus mode will entail:

1. You can now customize the notification panel. You can pick and choose which people or apps you want notifications from.

2. Time-sensitive notifications – if Apple decides something is important, it will automatically let it through your filters.

3. Apple has enabled different presets for different parts of the day.

4. Dynamic Homescreen allows you to only show particular home screen pages when Focus mode is on.

5. Automatically syncing of the Focus mode between apple devices.

Customize Your iPhone’s Do Not Disturb Mode

Apple now allows you to customize your Do Not Disturb Mode, and it is recommended you try that as you read. To customize your Do Not Disturb Mode open the Settings app on your phone and click on the Focus section. Now select the Do Not Disturb option. Here, you will see an updated interface that allows you to customize almost all the aspects of your DND mode.

In the Allowed Notification section, you can select the people and apps you want to let through, even during the focus mode. You can add your contacts from the People option. The Options section allows you to define a Focus status. The Home Screen section enables you to disable all notifications badges and also will allow you to hide specific home screen pages during the Focus Mode.