This Man Turned Himself Into a Goat

We’ve all thought about how easy the life of an animal is. No work, no chores, no struggles. Well, someone went a step further and tried living like that for real. Sounds crazy? Well, it is true. Author of The Toaster Project, Thomas Thwaites wanted a break from all the stress of life and therefore decided to try and live the life of a goat. In fact, he also wrote a book titled GoatMan: How I Took a Holiday From Being a Human and elaborated on his entire experience.

How it All Began

Thwaites recalls believing as a young child that he wouldn’t have to go to school if he were a cat. He wanted to take a break from all the stress and this is what pushed him to make the Wellcome Trust, a nonprofit organization established to support research aimed at enhancing both human and animal health.

Man Turned Goat

It took nine months for Thwaites to put his idea together, and with the support of his money, the University of Salford prosthetics clinic was able to create two additional legs and hooves. He also considered acquiring an artificial stomach to aid with his grass digestion, but he had to abandon that idea because of health concerns. In order to fully experience goat life, the author eventually made his way to an Alps farm. He spent three days there and later referred to his time there as “a special kind of time.”

The GoatMan

After Thwaites was done with his surreal experience, he wrote a book about it. Will Thwaites and his readers learn the true meaning of being human? These questions are teased in his book, which details his “hilarious and strange odyssey through engineering, design, and psychology.”

James Cameron Starts Production of Avatar 4 Even Before the Release of Avatar 2

Director James Cameron is ready to fly and conquer the cinematic world! The director has recently announced that the fourth installment of the Avatar franchise is under production. This comes as a surprise as the much-anticipated second part hasn’t even hit the screen yet.

The Announcement

The announcement came at the recent D23 expo. Though the Titanic director didn’t grace the electric audience at that highly-awaited Disney fan event, Avatar fans did get the surprising news from the director through a pre-recorded video. This announcement of Avatar 4 indicates that Avatar 3 has already wrapped up its production, but no final release date has been declared yet. The sequel to the first part, titled Avatar: The Way of Water, is set to hit the theaters ahead of Christmas this year, on 16th December 2022.

The Theme of the Sequel

To promote the upcoming sequel, actor Sam Worthington, who plays the protagonist of the franchise Jake Sully, was present at the event, among others. The Aussie actor teased the audience about the sequel, revealing that the storyline will explore the value of family and protecting it.

The Sneak Peek

The Avatar director also tickled fans during the event by showcasing a few unseen scenes of the upcoming sequel. One scene depicted a showdown between Worthington’s Sully and leading lady Neytiri (played by Zoe Saldana). The couple was seen fighting over leaving their home to save themselves from all the imposing threats, while Neytiri reminds the Na’vi once again that this is and will remain their “home.” The footage left the D23 crowd awed by the spectacular visual effects, characteristic of the Avatar franchise. The first Avatar movie dropped in 2009, and was a mega hit at the box office.