World’s Most Remote Post Office That Hires Yearly Has Job Description Involving Penguin Counting

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There are some really interesting jobs out there, but this job on the most remote island in the world takes the cake. Situated on Goudier Island, this post office in Antarctica at Port Lockroy attracts attention as one of the most remote and unique work locations imaginable. However, there’s one very specific stipulation to getting the job: top-notch counting skills.

The Penguin Post Office

The ‘Penguin Post Office,’ nestled in Antarctica’s Port Lockroy, is more than a mail hub—it’s a historic gem and wildlife haven on Goudier Island. Owned by Britain and the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust, this near-80-year-old outpost pulls double duty as a museum.

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Home to hundreds of penguins, it’s staffed by four postmasters from November to March yearly. Serving around 18,000 tourists each season, this spot is not just for mail but also a prime destination for visitors eager to immerse themselves in history and see penguins in their natural habitat. Base A, established in 1944, now uses profits from its gift shop to restore other Antarctic heritage sites.

What the Job Entails

The challenging living and working conditions at Port Lockroy were highlighted by Camilla Nichol, the trust’s Chief Executive, noting that 12-hour workdays with little downtime were typical. Reportedly, 2,500 applicants vied for the sought-after roles. Nichol emphasized the diversity of applicants and sought individuals passionate about meeting people, emphasizing fitness and resilience. Applications for this year have closed, but future opportunities can be found on the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust’s website.

Available positions include base leader, shop manager, and two general assistants, requiring eligibility to work in the United Kingdom. Lucy Dorman, a former base leader, emphasized the physical demands, including moving items through snow or over slippery rocks and cleaning penguin droppings. Nichol stressed the importance of team compatibility, underscoring the challenge of close-quarters living. Despite the challenges, Dorman praised the unique experience, highlighting how it offers a different perspective on life and the planet.