Rage Yoga is All the Rage These Days. Here’s All About It

If you’ve ever tried yoga, and it didn’t quite feel like your thing because of its pace and quietness, you’re in for a treat. Twenty-four-year-old Lindsay Istace who is a professional contact juggler and contortionist is the founder of the ground-breaking new practice called ‘rage yoga.’

Young woman who seems to be raged and trying to calm down

What is Rage Yoga

The ancient art of yoga got a contemporary makeover when Calgary yoga instructor Lindsay Istace decided to switch things up a bit. She developed new classes on Rage Yoga in hopes of letting a different crowd experience the joy of the practice. If the traditional overly calm and serene approach hasn’t worked for you, then maybe adding a little “rage” into the mix is exactly what you’re missing.

The founder of rage yoga, Lindsay Istace doing a pose

Rage yoga focuses on the same things as traditional yoga, like focused breathing, balancing, and stretching, but it also adds the festive vibe of your average happy hour. This means that beer-drinking, cursing, and generally being loud are all allowed in Lindsay’s classes.

How a Typical Rage Yoga Class Looks Like

According to Lindsay, the class always starts with the so-called “Screaming and Giving Up on Life” routine where everyone takes a deep breath, lengthens their spine, puts their hands above their heads, and when they exhale, they all scream their favorite curse word together. Lindsay herself favors the f-word the most. At the end of each class, no one says the traditional “Namaste.” Instead, each person turns to their neighbor and says “F*** yeah!” as a sign of accomplishment.

a typical Rage Yoga class with Lindsay Istace Lindsay says that traditional yoga classes can often feel very awkward and have an adverse effect on people. Instead of letting them release stress and tension, it makes them feel constrained and uncomfortable. It’s those people who will benefit the most from rage yoga. Just because beer is allowed, it doesn’t mean it’s an excuse to get drunk. “No one really does,” says Lindsay, who explains that when you’re twisting your body in different positions, you don’t really feel like downing pint after pint. She, herself, enjoys half a glass of beer during each hour-long session.

A Reminder of the Game of Thrones Final Season Has Fans Upset

A Reminder of the Game of Thrones Final Season Has Fans UpsetHBO created a new, reworked trailer of the final season of Game of Thrones and released it just a few days before the show celebrates its tenth anniversary. Showcasing some of the direst moments of the main characters of the show, the trailer was expertly put together and brings back some of the excitement of watching the cult series. However, not all die-hard fans of the show were excited to be reminded of the final season and how it ended.

The Finale That Left Fans and Stars Shocked

King's Landing on Fire Season 8For eight long seasons, Game of Thrones fans were following the show’s development and rooting for their favorite characters to defeat their enemies and take the Iron Throne. For many, the favorites were Danny, the beloved mother of dragons, and John Snow. When the tables unexpectedly turned at the last battle for King’s Landing and Daenerys suddenly decided to burn down the entire city after victory was already achieved, everyone was left in shock. Even the actors weren’t expecting the type of ending that the final series brought.

How Fans Reacted to the New Trailer

John Snow and Daenerys TargaryenHBO tried to resolve the issue fans had with the series’ ending by making the new trailer present that plot twist more openly and organically. This way, it wouldn’t come as such a shock for those watching it for the first time or those deciding to rewatch the last season. Judging by the prominent comments on the trailer, not every fan is convinced. The top comment draws attention to all the important plot points that the finale left behind and didn’t resolve.

Game of Thrones Remains a Groundbreaking Series

Queen Cersei Although the ending of the Game of Thrones series didn’t exactly thrill everyone, the show did give fans years of quality entertainment. Following Khaleesi’s rise, John Snow’s journey, Bran’s complex storyline, and Cersei’s downfall was an adventure enjoyed by millions of people. The thrilling fights, social intrigues, and every time the dragons were on the screen will remain in the fondest memory for years to come!