VFX Artists Reinvent Stormtroopers to Make Them Better

Stormtroopers are Star Wars’ faceless goons, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look edgy when the situation calls for it. From the upgraded armor in Rogue One to the high-tech Stormtroopers in The Force Awakens, viewers have seen these clone cadets transform into something better than their old selves. And while VFX artists aren’t precisely mentioned by name in each movie’s credits, they deserve some recognition for reimagining these iconic cinematic characters like stormtroopers.

The Artists Behind The Reimagination

One of the major objections that people have had about these iconic characters is their lack of skill in handling weapons. Corridor club VFX channel decided to fix the error by reimagining the Star Wars to ascertain how the combat-adept stormtroopers would have helped end the legendary trilogy much earlier. David Fung is another VFX artist who used Photoshop to change all of them into slightly more accurate Stormtroopers. This was done because even though they are clones and are identical, they have enough facial variation that he could make a pretty good impersonation of their true selves. He also altered some of their weapons (like adding a scope) to look more like those used by modern-day troops. Another VFX artist Dave Fogler used Marvelous Designer to simulate clothing and armor for troopers and vehicles, creating more authentic materials that give the Stormtroopers the real-world look.

The New Technology

While Star Wars director George Lucas intended his clone troopers, or stormtroopers, to be nearly identical, he also didn’t have access to today’s technology that could make this robot army something resembling a live one. VFX artists who work on both big and small-budget films have mastered ways of making minor changes in characters and locations that can significantly alter a viewer’s perception. Multiple VFX artists have given their interpretations of Stormtroopers to make them look accurate and more realistic.