New ‘TikTalk’ Accent May Soon Be a Part of the English Language

Photo by cottonbro studio

It’s not uncommon for language to change over time. Words like ‘texting’ have been added to the English language altogether. Other terms, such as ‘flex’ have changed their meaning. Now, it appears that a new accent will become a part of the English language, and it’s all thanks to TikTok.

The TikTalk Accent

The accent, which seems to be stemming from the social media app TikTok, is being referred to by experts as ‘TikTalk’ and is “the future of the English language.” Although it’s solely named after the app, it’s worth pointing out that TikTok isn’t the only thing responsible for TikTalk. The accent is also used by A-list celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, and Ariana Grande.

An Expert’s Opinion

Christopher Strelluf is a linguistic professor at Warwick University who has pinpointed the qualities prominent in the TikTalk accent. According to him, this accent contains “up talk” and “vocal fry.” If you noticed that all of the celebrities who are being labeled as promoters of the accent are female, you’re not the only one. Strelluf pointed out, “In almost all studies of language change, the innovators of language seem to be young women – spread through use by young women. In general, the way young women use language is the future of the way language evolves. So any changes we hear from young women are probably the future of English.”

Photo by Ivan Samkov

Let’s all try to remember that with great power comes great responsibility. For example, the responsibility to not make an annoying accent a permanent part of the English language.

New Research Shows the Risk of Overtraining and Undereating

One of the biggest risks that athletes have to contend with is overtraining leading to a condition called RED-S or ‘Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport.’ This condition is known to create debilitating health issues because of low energy availability. The symptoms are disturbed hormonal levels, unnatural metabolism, and weak bones.

What Is RED-S?

Normal human development is triggered by hormonal levels. However, in athletes, when they don’t replace the energy they use up while exercising and overtraining basic health conditions and, in the long term, hormonal imbalances are triggered and called by the name RED-S. But new research on RED-S in men is tentative to confirm the level of health imbalances…

RED-S in Males

According to the University of Agder’s assistant professor in the Department of Sports Science and Physical Education in Norway, Thomas Birkedal Stenqvist, symptoms of the male RED-S may include failing bone health, a drop in testosterone levels, and low-resting metabolism leading to chaotic everyday systems of the body. The new research considered two samples of athletes for the study. The first group was student-athletes and the second group was professional athletes. The study found that in both the sample groups there was a consistent pattern of undereating and overtraining. The consequences of such an unscientific pattern of physical efforts were evident in athletic performance, the study concluded.

The Results of Overtraining and Undereating

The study points out that athletes who followed the pattern of overtraining and undereating had very poor recovery stages since the needed hormones weren’t produced by the body to achieve the high athletic goals being pursued. The highest impact of this pattern is in most athlete groups, although endurance-based disciplines remain the most vulnerable. Adequate nutrition, proper rest, and a schedule are very important to keep healthy in the long run.