Empathy, Love, and Compassion: Three Unfailing Healing Weapon

Has anyone ever told you that you are a good listener or their biggest support? Well, these traits within a person display empathy. It is the ability to understand and feel what the person sitting beside you is feeling. If your friend is in pain, showing empathy is the first thing that you must do. Anyone can show empathetic behavior and it is a must to have. It has the power to heal everything. Let us understand how.

How to Be Empathetic?

Well, there is no right way of showing empathy. But something that is very obvious is that you give your entire self at the moment. If someone wants to talk to you about something that has been on their mind, it is necessary that you put away your phone, remove all the other unnecessary distractions and be supportive and present. This can actually help the other person feel understood and they can rely upon you. As Geoff Hopping, the Director at Link Creator states, empathy, love, and compassion have the power to heal everything.

Geoff Hopping’s Time as a Prison Security

Hopping has been a security person in a prison and he has spent a lot of his time with people who have experienced harm, pain, and other negative feelings. He has also worked as a mental health nurse. With all that experience, he has understood one thing, no matter if a person has caused the pain or suffered it, due to an abusive family, society, health, or anything, there is no better way of helping them heal than empathy, love, and compassion.

It Is Important to Understand the Patterns

Anyone who has gone through any kind of trauma needs help. As a therapist, the professional must understand that everyone has a different pattern and story of what they have been through. Therefore, everyone has a different way of healing and all that can be achieved with the three unfailing weapons, love, empathy, and compassion.