Fix Your Water Damaged Phone with Few Easy Steps

Accidents with your electronic gadgets are a nightmare! And if that gadget is your mobile phone, the panic surely reaches the pinnacle. Phones have a tendency to slip from your hand and fall in unlikely places! In case of water damage, risk factors become high, if you try to force anything on it. So, fish out your submerged phone, don’t panic, take a deep breath, and follow the steps given below.

1st Step: Turning off the Phone

First, immediately power off the device to prevent any electronic components shorting on you or anybody else trying to fix it.

2nd Step: Removing the SIM Card

Replacing a SIM card is not expensive, but can be tedious with retrieving all the contacts and important data from the previous storage. So, remove the SIM card from your water-soaked phone the moment you turn it off.

3rd Step: Taking Out the Battery

If your phone has a removable battery, take it out promptly. Being quick is essential here!

4th Step: Drying the Phone

Next, dry your phone off as soon as possible. This may sound like the simplest step, but this is the stage, where things get tricky. Contrary to popular belief, using a hairdryer is a big no-no. Hair Dryer produces additional heat, which can cause corrosion to your phone’s water-soaked hardware. So instead, use a soft microfiber cloth to wipe the excess water. If your phone has a removable back panel, wipe down the components inside carefully.

5th Step: Coaxing Out Excess Water

After wiping the phone dry, if you think there is more water left, let your phone rest in some sunlight or use compressed air can coax out the remaining water.

6th Step: Using Desiccating Agent

This is an additional step if you want to power on your phone completely risk-free after it dries up. A desiccating agent induces dryness by absorbing any excess moisture. The best desiccant for any electronic gadget is silica gel. If you can’t get your hands on one, just use household drying agents like oats, couscous, or instant rice. Just don’t seal the container before that.