How to Improve Night Vision While Driving

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Driving always requires excellent vision and laser focus, but driving at night is a whole different animal. With limited ability to see, driving after sundown can be really dangerous. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got some expert-approved tips to make sure you’re able to see safely while behind the wheel at night!

Clean Your Windshield

We know this one’s obvious, but we’re not talking about just wiping away an obvious spot of dirt. We recommend cleaning your windshield each evening before taking your car out on the road. Some dust or dirt may not be noticeable during the day, but when driving at night, it can really impair vision.

Adjust Dashboard Lighting

A lot of cars have items on the dashboard that glow and can create a distraction or obscure one’s view while driving. Associate professor of optometry at The Ohio State University College of Optometry Bradley Dougherty explains, “The brightness of the dashboard serves as another bothersome source of glare when driving at night. This lighting can be adjusted downward in many cars, and that may help with night driving comfort.”

Have Eye Drops on Hand

Keeping eye drops in your car can quickly remedy itchy or dry eyes. Eye irritation can hurt one’s vision while driving, especially if you find yourself rubbing your eyes a lot. So, having some eye drops nearby while you’re on the go is the perfect solution.

Take a Break

Just like any other part of the body, the eyes can get fatigued too. Obviously, eye fatigue isn’t exactly great for safe driving. Ophthalmologist and refractive surgeon specialist James Kelly explains, “Long hours of driving at night can strain your eyes. Taking regular breaks to rest your eyes can help maintain your night vision and overall alertness.”

Use Anti-Reflective Eyewear

Opt for glasses or contact lenses with a yellow or blue layer that acts as a shield filtering out light. According to Dr. Kelly, “There are a variety of glasses easily and inexpensively available for this purpose.”

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Start implementing these tips for a safer and more enjoyable drive!

Rescued Duckling Raised by Couple Returns to Their Home 6 Months Later–With 11 Chicks

This Family Just Grew in Size by 11 Chicks

The story began when Phil Garner found a one-day-old duckling abandoned on a fishing lake. Phil knew that the duckling would not survive on her own so he brought her home to his wife Julia, keeping her snuggled in his coat pocket. Determined to give her a chance at life, the couple decided to raise her as their own, despite the challenges that lay ahead.

A Houseguest to Remember

Freda, the tiny duckling, quickly became an integral part of the Garner household. They provided her with a safe and nurturing environment and even created a pond for her to swim in, alongside their pet goldfish. As the days passed, a deep bond formed between Freda and her caring rescuers. She became an affectionate companion, often perching on Phil’s shoulder or joining him at his work desk.

An Unexpected Reunion

Freda eventually left the Garners’ home in October. Although her departure brought mixed emotions, the couple hoped she would find her place in the wild. However, fate had a different plan in store for them. In April, Freda surprised them by returning to their doorstep, accompanied by a partner and a remarkable brood of 11 ducklings!

From Chaos to Joy

From Chaos to Joy

Adapting to the newfound chaos, the couple embraced their roles as foster parents to this feathery family. The ducklings quickly settled into their garden and turned out to be surprisingly quiet, only making chirping sounds when they were hungry or when their mother temporarily disappeared. The couple anticipates that Freda will eventually fly away, with her ducklings following suit and finding their own path (Freda probably just came back to let her children meet their grandparents, Phil and Julia). However, if they choose to stay, Phil has identified a suitable nearby fishing pond. The world is a better place when we open our hearts and extend a helping hand to those in need!