The Getaway Owl Has Become a New York City Celebrity

Bird watchers have flooded Central Park to peek at the Eurasian eagle owl named Flaco, which has been missing from the zoo since the 2nd of February. After someone cut open his steel mesh at the zoo, the owl left his exhibit. Regardless of all the efforts to catch him, the owl has evaded the zoo. The owl was seen roaming around the city before finally taking a spot on a tree in Central Park.

The Eurasian Eagle Owl

The Eurasian eagle owl was less than a year old when he arrived at the Central Park Zoo in 2010, making the zoo his home. According to the Wildlife Conservation Society, Flaco belongs to the larger owl species with wings up to 79 inches, large paws, and distinctive ear tufts. These species have a dazzling appearance with bright orange eyes and mottled feathers, but they are not native to North America, like the Mandarin duck. Flaco’s appearance has attracted many bird enthusiasts, who spend hours in Central Park, clicking pictures of the owl and enjoying watching this majestic creature in the open.

Will Flaco Survive the Open?

In the wild, birds usually target anything from small animals to amphibians, using their sharp eyesight and excellent hearing to attack their prey. However, Flaco living in a zoo his whole life worries bird experts about his health. In addition, living in a city full of threats will surely make living challenging for Flaco. The news reported that Flaco was seen hunting and eating in the wild, which increased his flight skills. Though the owl has been seen mainly roaming near the zoo, his abilities have heightened. With this news, the concerns of Flaco starving have long gone. Regardless, zookeepers are closely watching the owl to keep him safe from the potential threats of nature, and eagerly planning their next move to capture Flaco.

An Unsuccessful Capture

It’s incredible and tragic that even after so many attempts by luring the owl in with sweets and setting up nets and traps, the police and zookeepers have been unsuccessful in capturing Flaco. They are all worried about Flaco’s well-being, hoping the owl doesn’t wander into unknown places.