Get a Slimmer Face With These Simple Tricks

Tips and Tricks

If you want to have a slimmer face without hitting the gym or starving yourself, then you are not alone. Many people wish for a sharper, more defined jawline, but it is not very simple to achieve. Honestly, there is no easy way or shortcut to achieve your goals, but we can provide you with a few tips and tricks that can definitely help you get the face cut of your dreams.

Let That Beard Grow

People who do not wish to hit the gym can try growing a heavy beard. This is, according to a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Jamie DeRosa, M.D., one of the simplest ways to hide all your face weight. In addition to your face puffiness, a nicely maintained beard also helps in hiding that double chin.

Salt Causes Face Puffiness

Salt Causes Face Puffiness

You might have noticed that every time you finish a meal that is high in iodine, you feel bloated, not only in your belly, but your face starts to look puffier. When water and sodium meet, our body starts to generate more water which results in puffiness and bloating. Cutting down your usual salt intake by replacing processed food with food rich in potassium can make a sure difference for your face.

Choose Your Next Haircut Wisely

Choose Your Next Haircut Wisely

Many men look much slimmer with the right haircut that compliments their face cut. It is important for you to understand your face shape and act accordingly. If your face is round, then the perfect haircut for you might be keeping your side hair short and making sure you have height and fullness at the center. This way, your face will look lean and pulled, which will highlight your facial curves.

Eyewear Matters Too

The type of glasses you choose for your face can also make a difference in making your face look slimmer. For instance, for someone with a square-shaped face, round or oval eyewear might be the right choice. It can conceal your sharp edges. However, if your face is round, then angular eyewear will do the job.

See an Expert

A person’s face can appear swollen or large for various reasons, some of which might be medical. This is why, if making changes in your diet and going ahead with a healthier lifestyle doesn’t make any difference to your face, then you must pay a visit to your doctor. It might be some sort of injection, allergy, or even sinus problem. An expert is the right person to ask for solutions in such cases.