Uber Drivers Open Up on Whether They Actually Like Talking to Passengers

You must have been in a situation where you had no idea what to say to your cab drivers. Some people enjoy talking to strangers, whereas others hope before hailing a cab that they don’t get a chatty driver. But it is never a one-way situation; the pressure is not only on the passenger but also on the driver. And here is how Uber drivers feel about talking to their passengers:

Do Uber Drivers Like Talking to Passengers?

These confessions on Reddit from Uber drivers tell us what they really think. One of the drivers confessed that according to him, the ideal passenger is someone who keeps to himself and sits quietly in the back. The other driver mentioned that he enjoys driving with passengers who simply love music in the cab and do not talk. Another driver shared his experience and said most of the conversations with his passengers are boring, but he does like those who ask for things to explore in the city. There were also drivers who said that irrespective of the topic, they like interacting with their passengers; it makes driving a lot more fun. Another added that he has a neutral viewpoint on this; he is comfortable conversing with his passengers but dislikes selecting topics.

How Do Passengers Feel About Talking?

One of the passengers shared that one time his Uber driver told him that another passenger had gotten sick in the same area where he was sitting, and his first thought was that he wished he never knew about it. Another one had to listen to his driver give a lengthy speech about his beliefs, even getting some book recommendations. But it’s not all bad; there have been some interesting and quiet rides too. So it’s safe to say that the passengers and the drivers are all in the same boat.