2 Billion-Year-Old Water Found at the Bottom of a Canadian Mine

The water found at the bottom of a Canadian mine isn’t just any old water; it’s the world’s oldest water, clocking in at 2 billion years old! So after finding the water, scientists tested it to find out how much it had moved and what minerals were in it. Not only did they find that the water hadn’t moved much from its spot, but they also found an unexpectedly high amount of dissolved minerals.

The World’s Oldest Pool of Water

Imagine a pool of water that’s been around for over two billion years. This is precisely what scientists found at the bottom of a Canadian mine in 2016. It was found about 3 km from the Earth’s surface. The water dated back to the Pleistocene era 2 billion years ago. It knocks 500 million years off the oldest known water, discovered in 2013 by the same team in the same mine at around 2.5 kilometers of depth. Miners are digging deeper and deeper into the Earth’s crust to search for copper, zinc, and silver, making this mine the world’s deepest.

The Age of the Water Determined

When the miners went further into the mine, the researchers had an opportunity to explore it more. First, they analyzed the water trapped there by studying the gases in the water. Sometimes, gases like helium and xenon get trapped in water in rock cracks, and measuring these gases can tell you how old the water is. Moreover, it wasn’t just the incredible age of the water that proved noteworthy. When they analyzed the liquid, they found signs of life within it. Although they haven’t found actual living bacteria, they have discovered essentially the fingerprint of life. From this, they can infer that there was some microbial life within the water, over a long period of time.

Jada Pinkett Smith Proudly Shares an Update on Hair Loss

Actress Jada Pinkett Smith recently has shared a makeup-free, beautiful, radiant video, without hiding her struggle with hair loss. The 50-year-old actress is suffering from the autoimmune disorder alopecia, which is causing the rapid hair fall. But just like the Jada Pinkett Smith style, the gorgeous actress is tackling the situation by being bold and brave!

The Video

The Red Table Talk host recently posted a video on Instagram, showing off her flawless complexion, and revealing new updates along her hair loss journey. In the video, she pointed out the new bare patches on her scalp. In the video, Smith openly admitted with a chuckle that, this condition would be difficult for her to hide, and so she decided to share it. She does not want anyone asking her any more intrusive questions. Rather than getting upset, she jokingly went on announcing that, she is going to make a gem-studded crown for herself next! After all, is she any less than a queen?

The Condition

Alopecia is a specific condition, in which the immune system of the body attacks its own hair follicles, causing gradual hair loss. According to researchers, the gradually balding condition can take a toll on anyone’s confidence. The upbeat attitude of Jada Pinkett Smith is exemplary here, where she has shown how to embrace the situation confidently instead of hiding your struggles.

The Revelation

It was a 2018 episode of the Red Table Talk, where the star first opened up about her hair loss issues. She shared that it was a terrifying experience when she discovered this problem. Last July, the actress also made the bold decision to go full bald. The inspiration came from none other than her daughter, Willow Smith. She shared a selfie of her new look on her Instagram account. She wrote that, it was her time to let go, but to divinely light her 50s with this new shade. And we could not agree more!