This Woman Filmed Herself Getting Fired, Posted it Online, and Now Is Upset That There Are Comments

TikTok // @brittanypeachhh

Brittany Pietsch is a tech worker who was “unexpectedly” let go from her job. Clearly, it wasn’t that unexpected, because she was prepared to film the whole thing. Pietsch then uploaded the video to TikTok, clearly feeling that her termination was unjustified. While a lot of commentators took the now-unemployed woman’s side, many people felt she was in the wrong. Pietsch was upset by comments with that sentiment and decided to clap back.

The Meeting

The video Pietsch uploaded is roughly nine minutes long and features her being let go during a virtual meeting. It’s clear from the clip that the other person didn’t know they were being recorded. Pietsch expressed to the other person that she didn’t think she should be fired, she’d been doing a good job and deserved an explanation. The other person was trying to be polite and didn’t want to get sued, so we’ll speak for them and say what they were almost certainly thinking: The business doesn’t care if she agrees she should be let go, they obviously didn’t think she was doing a good job, and they don’t owe her any explanation. As for that third point, we think her behavior during the video was explanation enough.

Her Response

Understandably, a lot of people on the internet labeled Pietsch a “loose cannon” for other workplaces. To that, she responded, “The last few days have been a roller coaster and I have been sent more messages and DMs this week than I have probably ever in my life. The most incredible outpouring of support has honestly restored my faith in the corporate world. However, the most common message I’m receiving is how many people have experienced something shockingly similar. Cold, unexplainable firing by people they’ve never met – even after years of loyalty for some. […] I’ve also read some comments about how I’ll never be able to find a job now because I’m a ‘loose cannon employee’. I’ll tell you what, any company that wouldn’t want to hire me because I shared a video of how a company fired me or because I asked questions as to why I was being let go is not a company I would ever want to work for anyway.”

TikTok // @brittanypeachhh

Alrighty, then.

Study Reveals That Dog Pictures in Dating App Profile Photos Make Men More Attractive

It’s a common saying that a dog is a man’s best friend. And that is true, literally! According to the study, men have a better chance of finding a partner if they have dogs in their dating app profile pictures. Intriguing, right?

The Study

A group of researchers at the University of Jaen, located in Spain, collected and analyzed data from 300 female university students. The study also focused on the variety of reactions depending on the size of the pet dog and the context of the photo. While positive context means photos were taken in well-lit areas or public places, negative context means low-light backgrounds or not-so-clear pics. The researchers studied the preferences of romantic hopeful women willing for dating and the determinant factors behind swiping right or left.

The Findings

The study reveals that in the case of dating preference, men with dogs are generally perceived to be more attractive. The researchers also found that the size of the dog also matters as men with smaller-sized dogs are perceived to be less intimidating and threatening. According to one of the researchers, the current study has revealed a connection between animal size and common human psychology. In most emotional contexts, dating app profile pics of men with small-sized dogs prompt a higher sense of safety and more positive reactions than medium and large-sized ones.

The Trend

Though the recent study has confirmed this particular dating preference, the men had already caught onto the preference earlier. As a result, the term ‘dogfishing’ has emerged in the world of online dating in the past few years. The term refers to the clever trend of men trying to lure more matches on dating apps by including a cute pug or adorable little pooch in their profile pictures. Now, the research study has stamped this particular modern age courting method as an effective practice yielding positive results.