Jeff Garcia Put Cam Newton on Blast for His Flashy Attire

Jeff Garcia, a former NFL quarterback, told NBC Sports viewers what he thinks about Cam Newton’s outfit that he wore on Sunday before the New England Patriots vs. San Francisco 49ers game. Garcia made his point that he didn’t think the football player should be dressing so flashy when he’s playing so bad. The Patriots lost to the 49ers 33-6.

Cam Newton
Jeff Garcia Put Cam Newton on Blast for His Flashy Attire

Cam Newton Put on Blast

The New England Patriots fell to 2-4 after Cam Newton threw for 98 yards and had three interceptions during the game with the San Francisco 49ers. In the fourth quarter, Newton was replaced by Jarrett Stidham.

Jeff Garcia, who is a studio analyst working at NBC Sports Bay Area, made it clear that he felt like Cam Newton’s outfit choice before the game didn’t make sense considering the way he entered the game. Before the game, Newton only had two touchdowns and a total of four interceptions.

Garcia went on a rant stating his stats before Sunday’s game and went on to talk about how all he did during the game was throw three more interceptions. He mentioned that there’s nothing good going his way after being taken out of the game during the second half. Garcia doesn’t believe Newton should be dressing this way and bringing more attention to him if he’s not going to do something good on the field.

Not Meeting People’s Expectations

Carolina Panthers' Cam Newton talks to the media after an NFL football game against the San Francisco 49ers in Charlotte, N.C., Sunday, Sept. 18, 2016.
Jeff Garcia Put Cam Newton on Blast for His Flashy Attire

The video of Jeff Garcia putting Cam Newton on blast was originally posted to Twitter, but it has been taken down. In the video, Garcia also added that he’s only speaking from what he’d seen and heard from Newton as he’d talked on the podium and how it didn’t translate to him being that guy.

Cam Newton was even compared to Joe Namath, an NFL Hall of Famer, who used to wear fur coats both before and after games.