The Fabled “Madden Curse” Was Broken by Patrick Mahomes

Until now, football fans have accepted that the person who would appear on the cover of EA Sports’ Madden franchise will be cursed with poor performance or could even suffer a bad injury. This curse has had few exceptions and a lot of major examples to back it up. Some of the athletes who have been pointed as the victims of the curse include Daunte Culpepper, Michael Vick, and Shaun Alexander. However, this season, Patrick Mahomes successfully broke the curse with a stellar performance.

Patrick Mahomes Playing for the Chiefs
The Fabled “Madden Curse” Was Broken by Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes Carried the Chiefs On His Back Through the Playoffs

Mahomes engineered three major wins and outright stole these matches from the opponents of the Chiefs. The performance of the athlete during the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl was probably the main reason why the Chiefs managed to gather their strength and defeat San Francisco 31-20. It also gave Mahomes the Super Bowl MVP. But what was more remarkable to many is the fact that he was the first to get the MVP while under the Madden curse.

EA Sports, which makes the games for the Madden franchise, has been dismissing any serious talk of the curse involving its very successful games. They attributed the injuries and other negatives to the athlete’s expected regression once a season of peak performance is at its end.

EA Sports with Patrick Mahomes on the Cover
The Fabled “Madden Curse” Was Broken by Patrick Mahomes

Tom Brady Might Be Another Exception

The lone exception in the list of the Madden Curse victims is probably Tom Brady, who won the Super Bowl two years ago. But now, Patrick Mahomes has finally put the Madden Curse to bed forever. His Super Bowl performance and outstanding playoff run are conclusive evidence that the curse has been broken, and no one wants to see it return. The quarterback looked pretty happy being named the curse slayer.

Now that the video game voodoo is over, fans hope that Mahomes has created a more optimistic Madden trend, where the cover athlete of the beloved Madden franchise will lead the team into a crazy successful Super Bowl run.