Patrick Cantlay Won $15 Million Using an Old Golf Club

If you remember the 1996 movie Tin Cup where Roy McAvoy won 400$ using a pink ball, baseball bat, a shovel, a hoe in bunkers, and a rake – then Patrick Cantlay winning the Tour Championship will ring close to home. Now the scene wasn’t exactly the same in East Lake Golf Club – still, Patrick did manage to win $15 million by playing with the ancient club – that might be as old as seven years. And not only this one, but several of his clubs are old by PGA Tour standards.

Here’s a List of Clubs You Should Know About

Fairway Wood

Due to the new sole design, Titleist 915F of the Fairy wood family produces amazing ball speed and reduces spin off the tee. It comes with a Mitsubishi Diamana ZF 70X shaft. During its release in June 2014, the Active Recoil Channel of the club raised a few eyebrows – but now, according to the tour standards, the club has become a relic. However, back then, it was an interesting feature – ARC was a slot cut into the club’s sole behind the leading edge – this feature allowed for a faster ball speed. The ARC was covered by a polymer to ward off water and debris.


Scotty Cameron’s Phantom X 5 used by Cantlay is a prototype designed especially for him. Cantlay had requested Cameron to add an alignment line to the top. The Phantom X5 is made from 303 stainless steel. It also features extension in heel and toe areas. The portion at the head’s bottom was replaced with aluminum – and higher weights were added in the heel and toes – this change makes Phantom X 5 more stable off-center hits.


Vokey Design SM7 wedges rolled out in 2017. The grooves and centers of gravity are different by the loft. Pitching wedges and gap wedges received iron-style grooves that are narrow and deep and have low centers of gravity. The sand and lob wedges feature shallower and wider grooves to keep water and debris away.

Some of the Train Cars of the Ringling Circus Were Recently Auctioned

This December, the North Carolina Department of Transportation auctioned some of the retired train cars from the Ringling Bros. Circus. According to the director of the NCDOT rail division, Jason Orthner, the unique pieces of memorabilia were purchased by the department for a bit more than $380,000 back when the circus closed down in 2017.

The Department of Transportation Planned to Refurbish the Circus Train Cars

The iconic train cars of the Ringling Circus Initially, the NCDOT planned to add the train cars to its fleet after a complete refurbish. However, these plans were put on hold after officials calculated the cost. Recently, the department also obtained more than $150 million in federal funding to replace its fleet, which puts an end to any plans to refurbish the circus train cars in the future. Instead, the officials decided to sell the fabled train cars.

Some of the Train Cars Are Still Painted With Animals and Circus Imagery

Animal-painted Circus Train Cars of the Ringling Bros. Circus Many of the circus train cars, to be auctioned on the state’s surplus site, were still painted with circus imagery and animals. In an interview, Jason Orthner told the media that he expected car collectors, tourist railroad operations, and other enthusiasts would be very interested in the train cars. He pointed out that there were many operators in the country providing train services for excursions and other purposes, which makes this kind of equipment really valuable.

Back in 2017, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus did its final show and closed its gates for good. The owner of the circus announced the news in a statement and marked the end of its 46-year-long history with a final performance in May 2017. The iconic circus owed its decline to costly and long legal battles with animal rights groups and high operating costs. Famously, in 2016, the circus was pressured by animal rights activists and changing public opinion to retire its performing elephants. All the animals were moved to a plot of land that was called Ringling’s Center for Elephant Conservation. The circus closed down just one year after that event.